Kitchen cabinets is a term that is subject integrated into the interior furnishings of the kitchen itself. In this type has only one window in several cabinets and fixing or wall or floor are accessible. The kitchen cabinets were invented in the 20th century. In the 1920's more than 2 million kitchen cabinets were sold. There were different types of kitchen cabinets that were made and many who came and went. Plenty of globalization that has happened in that too. lateral file cabinets that were built before the Second World War there were more than a table stand and had a pantry for dry storage. Cabinets were then only sometimes used differently in the kitchen, food storage mainly in the dining room or butler's underwear. Foods that are spoiled like milk, meat and vegetables are generally purchased by day. After that, there was an increase in home maintenance and this has led to the invention of something like the built in kitchen cabinets that we are aware. Meanwhile, the wood was not too popular and lateral files are stainless steel and linoleum. After World War II made Formica counters, and has become very popular. There was also something called style frameless cabinets kitchen that had been popular in European countries. And now that the style is being adopted worldwide. Hardwood floors in modern times have been in better shape and tone of the land is used for painted surfaces, while the wallpaper was disadvantaged. Quartz countertops are also very famous. Saving space is a factor to take into account the design of the codons, townhouses and smaller homes.